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VIP-tv-show-image PYR TV Show Pilot:  The PREP Your Ride television pilot is a bit like Extreme Makeover Home Edition meets Pimp My Ride. It will have all the feel-good stories that make EMHE so popular, but will offer a practical challenge.The show will feature people who have prepped their very cool rides.

What’s the TV show about?
   Could it be you? PYR is all about finding a buyer for our Prepped Rides. PYR has learned from the 2011 Tsunami in Japan why a vehicle is just the right thing to get everyone Prepped ahead of time instead of the norm: Not Being Prepped.

Here’s the Catch:
In the show, the buyer learns the RIDE comes with a catch. They will have to pack a tote-bag for a simple weekend vacation if they want to buy our vehicle.   But this RIDE turns out to be no ordinary vehicle.  PYR adds a unique set of PREP items to every vehicle. Not just items you would use in an emergency, but the kind of products and services you would need on a day-to-day basis.

In the TV show
, we challenge all participants to go on the ride of their life by visiting emergency sites throughout the USA and overseas.  PYR will go places that show the viewer what it’s really like to be UNPREPPED. Next, we return the buyer to their very own neighborhood with a new perspective and the power to get others to act on itThe PYR TV Show will entertain us week after week (13 episodes planned) by introducing our buyer to the driving-adventure of a lifetime ending in a remarkable local, state or national challenge! Our slogan is: “Go on Vacation, BUT when you get back,  don’t un-pack.  Now, you and YOUR RIDE are PREPPED for almost anything.



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